Todd Hoffman of Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush

GOLD RUSH: ALASKAIn the pursuit of a better life in a rough economy Todd Hoffman risked it all with a handful of men and headed north to Alaska to find gold. His story has been documented through Discovery channel’s show Gold Rush, but what this man has at the core of his being cannot be depicted by television alone.

His perseverance, ability to overcome obstacles and never give up attitude is truly remarkable. So join us as we go behind the scenes of Gold Rush and to the heart of how Todd Hoffman has managed to chase his dreams and win.

Tue, December 18, 2012 9:00 am

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  1. todd please contact me! I have just recently talked to a man that has 45 acres of gold mine in colarado that hasn’t been touched since the 30,s I think it might be something you would like to know about. email me and ill give you my number. big fans of your show and looking forward to reply . thanks ken in oklahoma


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