Marala Scott Oprah’s Ambassador Of Hope On Intuition

Tonight we welcome back for her third visit the inspiring and talented Marala Scott. She is Intuition CoverOprah’s Ambassador Of Hope, an inspiration and an award winning author. Join us as we discuss her success, her new book Intuition and for the first time on CIM her talented daughter and co-author of the

Alyssa Curry

book Intuition Alyssa Curry will step into the spotlight. Find out how her mother has inspired her to chase down her dreams and how mother and daughter are working together to make a difference. BE INSPIRED with the power house duo!

Marala Scott, the Award-winning Author of In Our House: Perception vs. Reality and Surrounded By Inspiration..


Marala Scott is a Best–selling, Award-winning Author, Motivational Speaker, and Ghostwriter who spends her time Teaching to Forgive, Inspiring to Live. Her efforts earned her the unique honor of being named an ​Oprah Winfrey’s Ambassador of Hope​ recipient, in addition to The Sunny 95’s ​20 Outstanding Women You Should Know​.​

Marala speaks from unimaginable experiences. She shares them with considerable passion, which translates into heartfelt truth. Her life-altering memoir, In Our House: Perception vs. Reality tells of her horrific childhood. Surrounded by Inspiration, shares her journey of healing through faith, personal growth and understanding relationships.

Her passionate and honest words will challenge you to become a better, stronger, more passionate version of you!​

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