Gary King -The Happiness Formula

CIM welcomes Gary King to the show, Gary has discovered the Happiness Formula and shares his insights with host Garth Sandiford.

The Happiness Formula

The Happiness Formula

Stop for a moment and consider the never ending pursuit of happiness, is it really the pursuit of happiness, or is it the pursuit of pleasure. These two quests are completely different based on the mere fact that pleasure appears to be short term gratification, while true happiness has a foundation that is not necessarily dependent on the material world.

Gary King has spent the last 25 years, and read 2000 books researching the apparent difference between happiness and pleasure. He has come to the conclusion that there is a specific formula for happiness that is as fixed as the formula for water, H2O.

Happiness Formula: F2HT2SW=HF10

Tue, July 24, 2012 10:00PM

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